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Products - Volu-Matic® IV High Performance Insulation Blowing Machine
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Volu-Matic® IV High Performance Insulation Blowing Machine
Hydraulic power and performance
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The Volu-Matic® IV features a fully hydraulic drive system with totally variable air and material flow control. The addition of quick-change feeder seals and absence of clutches, gearboxes and shear keys makes it easy to use and maintain. It's an excellent choice for installation of attic, closed sidewall and netted cavity insulation. The Volu-Matic® IV's muffler system (on gas engine-equipped models) limits heat and noise for a quieter, cooler truck.

*The Volu-Matic® IV is no longer in production. We will continue to offer service and parts for this model until further notice.

• PTO (power take-off), gas or diesel engine
• Fully hydraulic drive system
• Quick-change seal system
• Fully sealed blow-through air-lock feeder
• Positive displacement blower
• Material control slide
• Automatic back flow check valve
• Automatic pressure relief valve
• Electrical overload protection
• Mechanical overload protection
• Self-aligning sealed bearings
• Adjustable drive belts
• Wired remote control
• Integrated safety features

• Wireless remote control
• Built-in water pump
• Hopper extensions
• Three models available:
     • V4PTO - power take-off (PTO) on truck
     • V4KA2 - 25-horsepower gas engine
     • V4DW3 - 25-horsepower diesel engine

• Typical feed rate:
     • Fiber glass - 25-35 lbs. (11.3-15.9 kg)/min.
     • Rockwool - 35-55 lbs. (15.9-25.0 kg)/min.
     • Cellulose - 70-80 lbs. (31.7-36.1 kg)/min.

• Load height: 57.5" (146.5 cm)
• Height: 73" (186 cm)
• Depth: 56.5" (144 cm)
• Width: 83" (211 cm)
• Weight: 2100 lbs. (952 kg)
Volu-Matic® IV instruction manual (PDF)
Volu-Matic® IV brochure (PDF)

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Quick-Change Seal System - Standard on the Volu-Matic® IV, optional on the Volu-Matic® III and Volu-Matic® V. Allows quick access to the air-lock feeder rotor for inspection or replacement of seals when required.

Fully Sealed Blow-Through Air-Lock Feeder - The steel feeder has one-piece seals around all three sides of each rotor blade to create a tight seal under pressure and help eliminate wear in the feeder housing and ensure a more consistent flow of fiber. The machine is designed to blow through each chamber of the air-lock feeder to put insulation material directly into the airstream.

Positive Displacement Blower - The blower automatically increases pressure to the limit of the blower relief valve to prevent plugging of the hose.

Material Control Slide - The easily adjustable slide position provides additional control of the air-to-material ratio.  

Automatic Back Flow Check Valve - The check valve in the air line between the blower and the feeder keeps material from being forced back into the blower by back-pressure when the machine stops blowing.

Automatic Pressure Relief Valve - Factory preset valve protects the positive displacement blower from pressure spikes.  

Electrical Overload Protection - All machines are protected by circuit breakers sized for the individual circuits. The circuit breakers are designed to be reset should a trip occur.  

Mechanical Overload Protection - Special, easily replaceable shear keys offer protection from damage by foreign objects.  

Self-Aligning Sealed Bearings - High quality bearings are used throughout the CertainTeed Machine Works product line. They are sealed to keep out dust and equipped with grease zerks for proper maintenance.  

Adjustable Drive Belts - Special belt-tightening screws make it easy to keep the belts properly tensioned as they wear.  

Wired Remote Control - A wired remote is supplied for machine control at the point of application.

Integrated Safety Features - Front, rear and side guards surround all moving parts. In addition to an electrical interlock that disables the drive mechanism when the front safety guard is opened, emergency stop switches are standard for additional protection.  

Wireless Remote Control - A wireless remote control is available as an option on all Unisul and CertainTeed Machine Works machines.  

Built-In Water Pump - Standard on the Volu-Matic® V and available for most machines, the built-in water pump is used to supply water and/or adhesive to the spray nozzle at the point of application.

Hopper Extensions - Increase capacity of standard material hopper. Frees up person in truck to do other tasks while hopper is emptying.

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