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Blown-in Fiber Glass Insulation

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Adding Insulation is easy with TrueComfort®.

The TrueComfort system comprises fiber glass blown-in insulation and the blowing machine used to install it. The machine is portable and simple to operate. Great for attic, sidewall, and other small jobs.  Dealers can rent the machine to remodelers and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers).

Sidewall Installation Kit available.

Blown-in Fiber Glass Insulation

Exclusive CertainTeed design
• Safe and easy to use
• 2 piece design - easy to transport
• Hand truck design for easy maneuvering
• Operates on a single 15amp circuit
• Wireless remote - operate machine from attic
• 100' hose
• Low cost of entry into the attic retrofit market
• 18 month warranty

Weight (machine only): 64.40 kg (142 lbs)
*Weight (shipping): 100.69 kg (222 lbs)
Hopper: 10.43 kg (23 lbs)
Base assembly: 53.97 kg (119 lbs)
Power cord, 50': 4.08 kg (9 lbs)
Height: 137 cm (54")
Width: 74.3 cm (29¼")
Length: 69.2 cm (27¼")
Hopper capacity: 6.35 kg (14 lbs)
Blower: Single stage, custom 145 CFM / PSI 2.8, 4.08 m³ /min / 0.193 Bar
Gear motor torque: 0.246 HP @ 54 rpm 306 in/lb
Drive (transmission): #35 chain, ASME/ANSI
Electrical: 115 VAC @ 13.5 amps, 1552 watts
Power cord (twist lock) Type SJO: 14/3 x 15.24 meters (50')
Hose w/wireless: 63.5mm x 15.24 meters (2½" x 50'), 2 lengths per machine
Wireless remote range: 76.2 meters (250')
Wheels: 254.0 mm (10") polyethylene
Warranty: 18 months parts and labour
Production capacity: 2.73-3.17 kg per min (6-7 lbs per min) (approx. 400 lbs/hr or 13½ bags/hr)

*Contents: Machine (qty 1), 2½" x 50' hose (qty 2) w/wireless remote, 50' power cord, and standard operation and installation guides.
TrueComfort® Project Planner (PDF)
TrueComfort® Install Instructions (PDF)
TrueComfort® Installation Guidelines video (Video)
TrueComfort® Specifications Sheet (PDF)
TrueComfort® Wall Installation Kit Sell Sheet (PDF)
TrueComfort® FiberGlass Blowing Insulation Retrofit Statement (PDF)
TrueComfort® Operators Manual - English (PDF)
TrueComfort® Operators Manual - French (PDF)

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