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Vac-Matic™ Series
Insulation Removal Vacuums

These powerful, multi-purpose industrial vacuums make it easy to remove all types of damaged or contaminated loose-fill attic insulation – cellulose, fiberglass or rock wool. Equally useful in wall applications, they allow you to recycle scrubbed material to the blowing machine for mixing into the blend.

Our full line of Vac-Matic equipment includes models with engines ranging from 14 to 23.5 hp, inlet/outlets of four or six inches and suction rates from 3,840 lbs/hr to 9,250 lbs/hr.

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Vac-Matic II
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Vac-Matic 19
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Vac-Matic 23
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Vac Drop Box

Vac-Matic & Vac-Matic II
• 4" and 6" inlet and outlet
• 14 hp Kohler engine
     • Electric and pull start
     • Low oil shutdown
     • 3-year warranty
• Ergonomic design
• Small footprint
• Removable front cover
• Highly portable
• Long lasting powder coated finish
• Heavy-duty impeller (Vac-Matic II)
• 29% greater material flow rate (Vac-Matic II)

Vac-Matic 19 & Vac-Matic 23
• 6" inlet and outlet
• 19 hp or 23 hp Kohler engine
     • Electric start
     • Low oil shutdown
     • 3-year warranty
• Indirect, belt driven impeller
• Solid rubber tires
• Powerful suction; high material removal rate
• Heavy-duty housing with reinforced wear areas
• Removable front cover
• 6 gal fuel tank
• Long lasting powder coated finish
Model Engine (hp) Size (In) Weight (lbs) Impeller Flow Rate (lbs/hr)*
Vac-Matic 14 44x32x31 240 Direct 3,840
Vac-Matic II 14 44x32x31 240 Direct 4,950
Vac-Matic 19 19 43x35x42 364 Indirect 8,325
Vac-Mati 23 23.5 43x35x42 375 Indirect 9,250

*Flow Rates shown are for loose fill fiberglass using 6" hose

Model Inlet/Outlet Item No
Vac-Matic 4" U48P-4-14
Vac-Matic 6" U48P-6-14
Vac-Matic II 4" U48P-4-14-VAC2
Vac-Matic II 6" U48P-6-14-VAC2
Vac-Matic 19 6" U48P-6-19
Vac-Matic 23 6" U48P-6-23.5
Vac Drop Box 6" U48P-09
Vac-Matic, Vac-Matic II, Vac-Matic 19, Vac-Matic 23 Brochure (PDF)
Vac-Matic Instruction Manual (PDF)
Vac-Matic II Instruction Manual (PDF)
Vac-Matic 19 Instruction Manual (PDF)
Vac-Matic 23 Instruction Manual (PDF)

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*Vacuum bags are now available

Insulation removal bags are made from 100% polypropylene fabric allowing the bag to expand and breathe when insulation is vacuumed from an attic. These bags are different from others on the market due to a stronger polypropylene fabric and a more durable stitching. The bag holds approximately 75 cubic feet, or 300lbs, of insulation, and will fit on any vacuum with an output diameter less than 12 inches.

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